Welcome to SecureDELTA™ SDK v2.56

  SecureDELTATM SDK v2.56

SecureDELTA™ SDK v2.56 creates binary diff files from two distinct files, called source and target. It also creates self extracting installers or patch files, that you may freely distribute, with no royalties to your clients, proving that a license for SecureDELTA is acquired. Once launched on your client’s machine, the installer will secure update or patch the source file and convert it into an exact replica of the target file.

SecureDELTA is a complex application that combines the creation of create binary diff files similar with deployment of self-extracting installers, we call SecureDELTA Installers. You may chose from SecurePATCH, SecureCMDLine or SecureWIZARD styles.

SecureDELTA offers superior performance compared to the next leading competitors, when it comes to memory usage, processor time needed to create the binary diff file and diff file sizes.

SecureDELTAis priced at a fraction of the cost of the next leading competitors.

  SecureDELTATM SDK v2.56 Details

SecureDELTA output files are further optimized so that any data compression software, method or algorithm applied on these delta files will result in even better results than the next leading competitors'.

SecureDELTAcreates patch files for a single file. If you need to create a patch for multiple files, simply pack the files into an uncompressed (stored) archive or a custom format of your own. It is always a good practice and you will get much better results when the patch will be applied to uncompressed files.

SecureDELTAneeds an active connection to the internet to verify the license information. No personal information is sent over the internet but the necessary data for license validation.

SecureDELTA does not stores nor keeps any user-related information. License information is stored locally in windows registry location and the internet connection is only used for verification of trial and licensed versions.

  SecureDELTATM SDK v2.56 Licensing:

We hope you find SecureDELTA useful. We will continue to work hard to bring the most advanced technology in Software Update!

Purchasing a license from us or from our partners will entitle you to a full year of customer support while most of our competitors offer a limited 6 month support.

Some of the benefits of licensing our technology:

oLicensed customers of SecureDELTA APP may freely distribute any installers created by SecureDELTA Application. 

oFree customer and technical support, free updates to SecureDELTA application for 1 year come standard with any license.

oSupport license could also be extended for a very affordable fee.

  agersoftware srl. Technology partnerships

Recently, agersoftware srl has entered a strategic partnership with NetLUPXtreme Technologies. Its R & D division created the XtremeDELTA™ powerful engine which empowers SecureDELTA™ APP since version 2.55 to achieve performance superior to any other binary diff engine we have been thoroughly tested.

As a result of this carefully chosen partnership, further releases of SecureDELTA will include a highly optimized data compression solution developed by XtremeZIP division of our strategic technology partners. This combines the benefits of SecureDELTA data compression optimizations with a highly sophisticated data compression method, giving you our client, the best performance around when it comes to delta updates and incremental data compression.

XtremeDELTA is marketed exclusively by agersoftware through SecureUPDATE Suite of Products.