3.1. SecureDELTA output files

Throughout the secure encoding process we call SecureENCODING, SecureDELTA for windows outputs two types of files:

1. The binary diff file:

This file is output on the Encode page. Applying the secure encoding (SecureENCODING) over Source and Target files results in a binary delta file to which a ".secureDelta" filename extension is applied.

Please note, this is not a SFX (self-eXtracting file). It only contains the headers and the set of commands and the binary data (payload) needed to reconstruct on a remove location a bit-by-bit identical target file

2. The SecurePATCH file:

This file is output on the Installer page. SecureDELTA application outputs a SFX (Self-eXtracting Stub Installer, or SecureDELTA Installer), we also call the SecurePATCH file.

When launched remotely on your client's pc, it will use the source file located within the same folder, to output a target file, bit-by-bit identical with the target file it was created against in the SecureENCODING process.

During the SecureENCODING process, the old file will be renamed with a ".backup" filename extension.